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Member of The Stylistics/The Drifters now on Tour with own Band
from Oklahoma, USA


Tim Mitchell war gerade erst drei Jahre alt als er spielerisch die ersten Gitarrenakkorde lernte. 
Bald kamen Keyboard, Bass und Schlagzeug hinzu und bereits mit 14 Jahren trat er mit lokalen Bands auf.
Seine erste eigene Band "Soundcheck" war vor allem im Raum Philadelphia ein echter Insider-Tipp für begeisternden, waschechten Rhythm & Blues. 
1982 schloss sich Tim Mitchell als Bassist der berühmten Formation "The Stylistics"an, mit der er weltweite Tourneen unternahm.
Hier entwickelte er auch seine Qualitäten als Sänger und Performer. 
Die bekannte Gesangsformation "TheDrifters" wurde auf Mitchell aufmerksam und verpflichtete ihn 1994. 
Bis ins Jahr 2000 tourte er mit der Band durch Europa und wurde zum gefeierten Sänger.
Tim wurde für 10 Jahre auch Sänger der „Vargas Blues Band“. 
Tim Mitchell ist ein brillanter Sänger und Musiker, der jedem Titel und Song aus dem großen Repertoire aus Blues, Funk, Gospel, Soul und eigenen
Kompositionen seinen eigenen, unverwechselbaren Schliff gibt.

English Bio
Tim Mitchell Singer/Songwriter/Producer/ Musician Genre: Blues Secondary Genre: R&B Contact Tim Mitchell, international recording artist, singer, songwriter, musician and producer. Instruments: Guitar, Bass, Keyboards, Drums Member of some of the best known musical acts of the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s (Stylistics, The Drifters, James Brown), current member of one of Spain’s best known blues acts, The Vargas Blues Band as well as his own group, “The Mitchell Blues Band.” Performs his own brand of blues, funk and R&B, with a kick-butt back up band! 

Tim Mitchell-Biography If ever the phrase “He can’t help himself, it’s in his blood” were to apply, it would have to be when describing Tim Mitchell. Tim’s mother came from a family of 15, most all of whom were musicians. His grandfather, Hulon Mitchell, played virtually any instrument he wanted. 
His grandmother--“Mother Pearl” as she was called--was a gifted piano player and teacher. 
His aunt, a famous opera singer who has performed with Pavarotti himself. With fifteen talented children to support, Tim’s grandparents formed a group called “The Famous Musical Mitchells” and they really were famous in the Midwest, producing and performing mostly gospel music across the land. 
One of these children, steeped in the musical traditions of the day, was Thelma Mitchell. Thelma was the group’s keyboard player and performed double duty as an upright bass player as well. Blessed with a terrific singing voice as well, she truly had music in her blood. In 1955, in the little town of Enid, Oklahoma, Thelma gave birth to Timothy Lee Mitchell. 
It did not take his mother long to realize that the family talent had continued to pass along. She began teaching Tim guitar when he was just three years old and by the time he was fourteen, he was already performing with local bands in clubs throughout the state. 
Just like his grandfather, Tim played keyboards, bass guitar and sang. 
Tim continued this musical education throughout the late 60’s and on into the 70’s, before moving to Philadelphia and forming his own group, a Funk/R&B band called “Sound Check.” 
They soon became one of the hottest bands in the area, enjoying a great run for a number of years before Tim once again felt the urge to grow and expand his horizons. 

In 1982, Tim was invited to join and play bass for the famous, “Stylistics” on their world tour and even wrote two songs for them. He remained with the group until 1986. From there. However, the growth and wealth of experiences did not stop there. In 1994, Tim was invited to join the “The Drifters” a stint lasting for six years. 

This period saw Tim really pushing forward his vocal talents, in addition to his skills with guitar, bass and keyboards and he remained with them, singing and performing all of their many hits, until 1999. It was finally beginning to settle in that it was time to put all of his musical education into something else. During his time with the Drifters, Tim had met and fell in love with, Mallorca, Spain. But it was not just the island Tim fell in love, he also fell in love with a popular singer he had met named Sharon (originally from Brooklyn, NY). Sharon soon became his wife and singing partner, travelling and performing together throughout Europe. It was during this time--in 2003--that Tim met the famed Spanish rock guitarist, Warner Brothers (Spanish Division) recording artist, Javier Vargas and was invited to join Javier’s band, “The Vargas Blues Band.”

Tim Richardson Mitchell (USA)
“Estamos ante un artista talentoso en todos los aspectos , multinstrumentista , bajista-guitarrista-teclista y excelente cantante ,
gran productor , que domina a la perfección la escena .
Soul tradicional, Funk , R&B y Blues pasan por el repertorio con una fluidez que ralla la perfección , dedicado en todo comento momento a “ Show Bussines “
es sin lugar a dudas un “ master  of entertaiment” , un gran talento que llega al corazón .
miembro de The Driferts  y James Brown Band , Ben E  King …, sus directos  nos inducen al mejor sueńo musical……”


Tim Mitchell, kot veliko blues glasbenikov, izhaja iz številčne družine, ki je živela z glasbo. 
Tako je že kot otrok nastopal v petnajstčlanski zasedbi 
The Famous Musical Mitchell. Kot multi-instrumentalist (igra namreč kitaro, bas in klaviature, ima pa tudi izreden glas) je postal iskan glasbenik. 
Igral je v skupini Stylistics, po izjemni izkušnji v skupini Harold Melvin and The Blue Notes pa je igral tudi z Jamesom Brownom, Javierjem Vargasom, 
Carlosom Santano, Duddyem Guyem in celo s Princem. Z lastno skupino pa je postavil v ospredje svoje petje in avtorstvo. 
Pevec, avtor, glasbenik v najširšem pomenu, na koncertih igra vse klasične instrumente blues skupin:  kitaro, bas, klaviature in za nameček še bobne
Tim Mitchell je výraznou osobností zahraniční hudební scény, ať už jako zpěvák nebo pro své producenské projekty.
Kromě špičkového originálního způsobu hry na elektrickou kytaru velmi dobře ovládá i baskytaru, bicí a klávesy.
Tim Mitchell pochází z Oklahomy z velké muzikantské rodiny, což se projevilo v jeho multiinstrumentalismu a ve výsledku ve spolupráci s takovými hvězdami jako
Carlos Santana, Duddy Guy nebo dokonce Princ – které doprovázel střídavě dlouhá léta na jejich turné...