Alan Wormald

(Shakatak`s Guitarist)



Alan Wormald

Age as old as my feet but a bit older than my teeth originally was born in Leeds but now live near Nottingham.
Been playing guitar since a very young age, as a kid I used to sit and work out the guitar parts for all The Beatles songs that I could get my hands on by listening on radio or LP’s,
which ultimately set me up to being a accomplished guitarist(No tabs in them days?).
Over the years worked with people such as Freddy Starr, Cannon & Ball and
Shakatak in the studio and also with live performances.
Still touring to this day with Shakatak and been a member of Shakatak
now since 1995 and still going strong mainly playing gigs in foreign countries such as Japan and Russia and others which is great way to see the world and getting paid at the same time(nice).
Musical influences range from The Beatles, Cream, Alan Holdsworth, Jimmi Hendrix and anything that just sounds cool.

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