Hendrix Revisited Tour “again” 2011

Al Catasso=guitar/vocal
Al Catasso`s Black Jack
Italy new Top 5 guitarist & Winner of the Montreaux Newcomer Festival Award 2003

Spy Austin=bass/vocal
Spy Austin Band/ex.Boy George Band/Sam Kelly Blues Band,Andrea Braido Band, etc.
Eugenio Martina=drums/vocal
Al Catasso`s Drummer

Eugenio Martina (IT))


Al Catasso (I)
photo courtesy by Aldo

Spy Austin 2009

Spy Austin (UK)

foxy Lady

Hey Joe

next Gigs:
10 July=Bühler Festival (CH)

24.July 2010=Alatri Blues Festival (I)

07 August 2010=Leverkusen  “Street Life Festival”  (Time:16:00)

Red House

Spy Austin has been playing bass & singing reggae,,Soul, Funk and Blues for more than 20 years.
He has performed and toured with some of Jamaica's most prominent artists and groups such as
Gregory Issacs, Desmond Dekker, Earl 16,
I Roy, Mikey General, I Jah Man Levi as well as with British reggae artists such as Boy George,
Mad Professor, Drumhead, Progressive Sounds Crew and Benjamin Zephaniah.
Last but not least more than 100 gigs across Europe as the Singer + Bassist for ANDREA BRAIDO`s project “Braido Play`s Hendrix”
Spy love for the Blues bring him back to perform a Blues and a Jimi Hendrix Project “ Hendrix Revisited” scheduled programm across Europe in 2009-2010


Peter Kunst"  Bio
Drummer of the “Vargas Blues Band”


Al Catasso (I)
Al Catasso  founded the Band with the precise intention to create a "POWER TRIO"
(guitar/bass + drums) that goes back to the sound energy and to creative power of the sixty`s and seventy`srock-blues bands, such Mountain, Rory Gallagher, Taste,
Led Zeppelin, BBA, and Allman Brothers Band.
The Black Jack renew the classic sound of these historical bands through the composition of unpublished
pieces,performed in a modern and innovative manner, not hiding the influensces of jazz,blues and modern rock artists, such as Govt`Mule, Tom Principato, Living Colours,
Muddy Waters,Miles Davis,Wes Montgomery,Mr. Big and Buddy Guy.
Some covers belong to the Black Jack`s repertory, which have been used re-performed to create whirling jams and medleys, reading over, in a personal manner,the history of the more classic and hard rock-blues.
Everything is under the supervision of the Band leader Al Catasso who can boast innumerable live experiences
such as the "Montreux Jazz Festival", "Pistoia Blues Festival" (Italy`s Blues Mecca),etc

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